Once you have decided that it is time to
 Find the proper contractor to perform the work
 Here are some basic guidelines and questions to ask that will help you through the process
before and after image of roof being cleaned

How long have you been cleaning roofs/how many roofs have you cleaned?  This is a great question to ask since many claim to be professionals with experience.  Its also good to check out their website and Facebook page to back up their claims.  An experienced cleaner is your best bet since they will be aware of any issues that may arise and will have the best knowledge when it comes to safety and OSHA regulation.  A quick check with the state will inform you how long they have truly been in business.

What kind of training do you and your employees have for roof cleaning?  At the very least the contractor and employees should have safety (OSHA) training.  All roof cleaning companies should train there employees for important safety regulations.  When mixing cleaning products, including chemicals it is important to follow regulations (MSDS sheets should be available).  If you hire a contractor that claims to be certified make sure it is a legitimate certification.

What products and equipment will you use?  Many companies claim that Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine Bleach) will damage your roof and kill your shrubbery.  If used correctly, SH is the recommended (with a few additional soaps and surfactants) product to clean a roof and is recommended by the manufacturer.  Many companies will claim it is dangerous but in fact it is Biodegradable and safe for roof cleaning. When used at the right setting a pressure washer can be used to clean properly.  There are also roof cleaning equipment designed just for roof cleaning and soft wash systems that also are effective.  If a company claims to not use detergents and chemicals they are most likely using HIGH pressure and should not be hired to clean your roof.  No heavy equipment (surface cleaners) should be placed on the roof.

Do they have the proper liability Insurance, Workman’s Compensation and Commercial vehicle insurance?  Liability insurance is a must.  Many companies claim to be exempt from workman’s comp but check your local and state regulations because they may be misinforming you.  Roof cleaning requires a minimum of 2 people.  Unless both are the owners of the company, they should probably have some sort of workman’s Comp.  Workman’s Comp protects the contractor, homeowner and employee in case there is an accident while performing the job.  A contractor should also have their trucks covered by a Commercial Auto Policy, not under there personal policy

All Clean Power Washing has been cleaning roofs for 15 years.  We use a pressure less/low pressure cleaning system that meets the guidelines set forth by the roofing manufacturers.  We are certified for professional roof cleaning through the PWNA (Power Washers of North America).  Better yet, we teach the certification course! Trust the company that trains other companies how to properly clean roofs!

We clean approximately 100 roofs per year!
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Job was well done. They showed up on time and seemed to be quite efficient.

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