It may be “cheaper” to hire a professional!

I dislike using the word “cheaper” as it can create a sense of “lesser quality” so maybe a better description is “more affordable”.  When it comes to home improvement projects one must decide if “do it yourself” will be “more affordable” than hiring a  professional.  The dollar amount does not always tell the truth.  And, in addition to the dollar amount, who will do the better job?  It may be “cheaper” to wash your house and roof yourself but how much time will it take? Will it be a better value?  Have you considered the dangers involved:  Chemicals, climbing ladders and let’s not forget the damage that can be done with a power washing machine.  A professional power washing company can wash your home, clean out your gutters, wash your roof and many other services in a few hours.  In addition to the quick service, the quality of work when you hire a professional is better.  A professional power washing company has better equipment, appropriate chemicals and detergents, and experience and training.  Make sure you hire the right “professional”.  The best option is a power washing company with a proven track record and the proper insurance, licensing and training.  If you need power washing services (low pressure roof cleaning, house washing and gutter cleaning) in Pennsylvania, Maryland or Delaware, call All Clean Power Washing  877-325-3215 or visit our website  We are one of the few professional power washing companies trained and certified by the PWNA 

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Thank you so much for the speedy scheduling. As always, excellent work! Your team is professional, polite, and take pride in customer satisfaction and a job well done! My husband was home when they were here and couldn’t praise them enough. Thank you!

- 05/09/2019

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