As we welcome in 2015 we all have personal resolutions and good intentions to be organized.  One great goal is to think about home improvements for the year and budget accordingly.  Keeping your roof clean and clear from debris, dirt, algae, mold and lichen should be a priority.  Along with the obvious curb appeal, insurance companies are starting to cancel homeowners policies due to dirty roofs and the possible damage that can occur to the roof surface.  There is rarely a roof cleaning situation that warrants a “do it yourself” project.  While house and concrete washing can be done from the ground and safely by a homeowner, roof cleaning is different.  Not only is there a personal safety issue, when a roof is cleaning improperly, serious damage to the roof can take place.  Don’t take our word for it.  Take a look at the national trade magazine below for the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners).  In this issue the topic of roof cleaning is discussed by a few members and professionals in the roof cleaning industry.  All Clean Power Washing is an active member of the UAMCC and is Certified through the UAMCC and the PWNA for Roof Cleaning.

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Double Roof Cleaning Certificate
Garage Roof Cleaning, before and after

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Job was well done. They showed up on time and seemed to be quite efficient.

- 09/03/2020